Meet Melissa

HoneyBee {Fall 2017}-0033.jpg

Hi! I’m Melissa, the artist behind Honeybee.

I’ve always been an artist—ever since I can remember! When it came time to chose a career, I picked Interior Design, but when I graduated college and started working in the field, I soon felt my creativity and passion fading away.

I remember thinking “I just want to make things!” I knew I had a gift and passion for making words look pretty and I started filling my free time with projects - wedding signs, baby shower invitations, you name it. When I found out I was expecting my first baby, I knew it was time to turn this passion into a real business so that I could stay home with my daughter. Honeybee Letters was born!

I’m so thankful for the freedom and opportunity to do what I love. My hope and prayer is that through this business, I’ll be able to create joy and inspire creativity in the lives of others.

@honeybeeletters on instagram